Every reset has a beginning

I've been resetting my whole life I just didn't know it. Perhaps it's something we all do, some primeval survival instinct.

When I was young my resets emerged from paths of self-destruction. I'd destroy my body and heart and then out of fear or guilt I'd try rebuild myself. But as is often the case with youth I lacked the tools and self-awareness to truly make myself 'better'.  

After my daughter was born I promised to take care of myself and not just for myself. But promises are hard to keep when life is hard, busy, scary and gaining momentum. 

My resets truly changed the day I befriended Suji. A woman who welcomes you with her smile, charms you with her wit, and who captures your soul with her food. Suji was one of the keys to my resetting intelligently and with purpose. Her nonjudgemental support and encyclopedic knowledge of food have helped me to redefine my resets. So now my resets start with no shame, are energized by clean food, and end with a renewed sense of self. 

Every reset has a beginning ....